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Moving from Minneapolis to another state or from another state to Minneapolis? Challenge accepted.

Long Distance Movers

When you need Minneapolis Long Distance Moving - Look no further than Minneapolis Movers.

Moving from Chicago to Minneapolis or the Twin Cities? We can move customers from Chicago and Milwaukee. We’ve completed 100’s of moves from the Windy City to Minnesota each year.

As a long-distance relocation company, we strive to pay attention to the little things. Our customers demand it as long-distance moves take precision and planning. Our Minneapolis moving company often move household goods and commercial goods across state lines. We serve the majority of the Midwest with professional movers and newer equipment.

Our relocation specialist will plan your long-distance move with you, going over all costs, details, and dates. Many of our customers understand that moving cross country can be a challenge, but with a little planning and an expert move crew, easily accomplished. Whether you’re moving from Chicago, Milwaukee; or from any other Midwest city, Minneapolis Movers can get you moved in a timely and efficient manner.

Allow yourself ample time – When packing, estimate that number then double it. Long-distance moving provides a great time to downsize or declutter. What is worth transporting several hundreds of miles? Sell, donate or give away things that cost more to move than you need.

Pack a room at a time – Make sure to pack one room at a time and don’t move onto the next room until you are finished with the last.

Medicine – We can not state this enough. Do not pack any medication that you need daily or even weekly. Best to put those medicines in a primary box which stays with you along with important documents such as passports, social security cards, and other documents you do not want to lose or have to look for in the end.

Move During Off-Season – If you can plan your long-distance relocation during the late fall or winter months you will save money. Long-Distance moving during peak periods in the moving industry will have a higher cost associated with it.

Tip Your Long-Distance Movers – Extra care was taken in packing and organizing your long-distance move. So tip your move crew accordingly. Especially if they have spent overnights while being on the road.



With over 50 years of moving industry experience Minneapolis Movers is the premier Twin Cities Moving Company offering residential and commercial moving services at an affordable price.
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