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Looking for Local Movers? We offer local moving at an affordable price.

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Based in Northeast Minneapolis, Minneapolis Movers can reach anywhere in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Finding local movers in Minneapolis can be tough, especially if you hire the wrong movers or moving company. We get it; you may want to scour craigslist for cheap movers, but that is very risky. Scams happen all the time with unverified companies. There are a few good Minneapolis Moving Companies to choose from; we happen to be the best. Don’t struggle with lifting furniture and boxes we can do it all for you at an affordable price, with movers you can trust.

Local Movers Minneapolis

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

When looking at other moving companies, be sure to check on whether they are licensed, bonded, and insured. That’s the first key to unlocking a good moving company. Then head over to their review sites to make sure they handle customer complaints consistently. Those who do not you should be wary; good companies care about their customers’ needs.

Accurate Estimates

Not all moving companies are upfront about their pricing. Some are less transparent about it than others. Remember, moving specialists or the people you talk to on the phone are also motivated to get a sale or close a call. Our moving specialists have no commission motivation when you call. We reward our moving specialists on how “close” or accurate they come to the actual moving labor, materials, and time it takes to move your home. Meaning you will get the actual cost of your move and not just a close call with your bill.

What to Expect

All moving companies have different rates for the services and products they provide. Some very from the time of the month too. Peak rates are those times when booking a move is the hardest, but all moving companies in Minneapolis charge what’s known as a trip-charge. It’s time it takes to get from the shop to your home and from where you have moved back to the shop. It’s a standard fee for truck and time. Some may mask it as something else, but it’s the same as the hourly amount for labor. They may charge it differently, or even refuse to call it that. But, that’s what it is.

Moving companies that mask their quotes are a problem. They low-ball you before they get to the job to book you. Then comes the big sticker shock at the end. They can be several hundreds of dollars off to get you scheduled. It’s our guarantee at Minneapolis Movers, that we will come within 200.00 dollars of every move.



With over 50 years of moving industry experience Minneapolis Movers is the premier Twin Cities Moving Company offering residential and commercial moving services at an affordable price.
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