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So you've found the perfect apartment, well that's half the battle. The other half is moving. You love the convenience of renting and not owning, no lawn-mowing, no shoveling, but moving is a necessity.

Moving an Apartment is much like hunting for one. You try and find something you love; then you commit to the plan. Along the journey, you finally meet head-on with; “How will I move”? Maybe you’re a DIY mover who has never given much thought to using a moving company. Either way, you found the right place to learn about and get a quote on your upcoming apartment move.

In reality, apartments are misleading. They seem small enough to be “cheaply” moved, but how long is that walk? Are you on the third floor? All of this matters when it comes to apartment moves because that walk from inside your apartment out to the truck can cost as much as a three bedroom home. The reason is the distance. Also, you can’t stage everything in the garage as many homeowners do, which also is a time saver.

With that said, Minneapolis Movers is your premier resource for apartment moving. We know the ins and outs to get you moved from your apartment as quickly, courteously, and timely as possible.

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Apartment Moving Tips

Whether you live in Bloomington, Burnsville, or Brooklyn Park. Apartment moving is the same as moving from Downtown Minneapolis to St.Paul. It takes patience. So we’ve put together a few tips on Apartment Moving.

Remember Your Storage -

Apartments tend to come with a 5 x10 storage space or an outside garage used to store the extra stuff not commonly used. Don’t forget to include this in your estimate.

Go on an Errand Slaying Fest -

That’s right, tackle all of your errands in one day. From shutting off and transferring utilities to getting boxes for your move. Try to do it all in one day and carry a master plan with you (aka. notebook). It will help you keep track of your progress and any needed changes that happen when moving from an apartment. Change of address, the correct size box for your flat screen TV.

One Day Before the Move -

Have all your boxes staged as well as possible towards the front door of the apartment in order of how you will unpack or get unpacked at your new home? It is essential as you will maintain control over the flow of your move. Keeping you sane.



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