Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol 2

I had worked too much, until my brain was pudding, so the plan was: watch a fun movie, drink good wine, then sleep for eight or nine days. So I rented Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol 2. "This will be fun," I thought. If anybody was ready to be forgiving, it was me. I had liked the first one after all. But I cannot forgive this movie. In my state of delirious exhaustion, sideways on the couch, phrases like "cultural strip mining" came to mind. It's like the corporate people took over and turned up all the dials without knowing what they do, causing over-saturated vomit to splatter across the screen for an hour and a half. A few of the jokes are funny, but most are plain stupid, and every fun character from the first movie is ruined, one by one.

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