Essential Tips for Moving

January 23, 2019

Whether moving across the country or just down the street, moving represents a large and important life change. It can often be overwhelming, especially when one uproots everything!  Merely the thought of haphazardly stuffing one’s life into random cardboard boxes induces stress and results in sleepless nights.  Minneapolis Movers is here to help break your big move down into simpler steps and try to make moving day feel less daunting for you.  Here’s a list of “The 7 Most Important Tips to Make Your Moving Day Go More Smoothly.”

Moving Tips

1. Plan Ahead

Getting started is often the most challenging aspect of packing, but, as with anything in life, moving becomes much easier when you plan in advance. Prioritize and itemize a checklist to help lay out a game plan. Comfortably pacing yourself not only removes significant amounts of stress but sets you up for an easier and more enjoyable unpacking experience.

2. Donate & Throw Away

There’s no better time than a move to get rid of all that clutter you’ve been bemoaning. For some, this step might be a breath of fresh air, for others, getting rid of long-held personal belongings may be a nightmare. Regardless, a moderate chunk of items should not make the trip with you. Set aside a few days solely dedicated to gathering up things that can be donated or tossed in the trash. Decluttering helps reduce the sheer volume of material that will accompany you in the move.

3. Label Your Boxes

Make a color chart for each room, separating them as you choose.

  • Red = Living Room
  • Kitchen = Yellow
  • Bedroom = Green

This way they’ll be easy to find. Most home owners want to work on one room at a time. You’ll be able to pick the kitchen boxes out by eye and sort them accordingly instead of digging through unmarked, indistinguishable boxes.

4. Use Boxes Specifically Designed For Moving

Spending a few bucks on boxes specifically designed for moving makes for a smoother move. Boxes in your home are likely a lower grade, not as clean as new and at a higher chance for ripping or breaking.  Most importantly random boxes rarely fit together cohesively in moving trucks or vehicles. Moving boxes are readily available for purchase online at affordable rates and can be recycled immediately after the move so as to avoid cluttering your new home.

5. Keep Essential Items Handy

“Essential” means something different for everyone. But what we can all agree on is that needing something buried at the bottom of a box that is buried beneath a mountain of other boxes is uniquely frustrating. As part of step 1, the planning phase, consider items that you use on a daily basis. Set aside a bag or two for these necessities to ensure they are readily accessible. These items could include things like toiletries, a favorite pair of shoes, a first-aid kit, etc.

6. Be Clever

Moving rarely has a one-size-fits-all solution. Your home, your belongings, and your particular living situation all present specific challenges and a little creativity often can go a long way. A few of our favorite clever strategies that save space include vacuum-packing out of season clothing, using socks and underwear as cushioning instead of bubble wrap, and stacking plates vertically in boxes (more effective at keeping dishware safe than stacking).

7. Hire A Moving Company

There’s a reason moving companies exist. They’re professionals and you’re not a professional mover. From packing to cleaning to hauling furniture, you can take care of most aspects of a move without lifting a finger. While it may cost you a little more upfront, the extra expenditure usually proves worth it in the form of reduced stress.

Moving is an exciting, nerve-wracking, and necessary part of life. Even the best moves have their ups and downs, so be sure to cut yourself some slack and try to find as much joy in the experience as possible (yes, it is possible). We recommend using the tips and strategies articulated above as a guideline for how to best tackle your upcoming move.

Essential Tips for Moving
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