Wall Fountains

In the 1970's and 80's a kind of decoration existed called a "rain lamp" which featured a small sculpture surrounded by a lattice of wires. A pump sent mineral oil to the top where it fell as beads down the wires, giving a water-droplet effect that was both cheesy and mesmerizing. If you were a little kid, and your parents pulled into a truck stop to eat, and one of these was hanging in the restaurant, you would totally be staring at it the whole time. "What makes the water fall so slowly?" you would wonder to yourself.

In my book "Year of the Amphibian" I made up something called a "wall fountain" based on the rain lamp idea. I imagined it being hand-made out of wood, with an animal of some sort behind the wires. I've never actually seen one like that, but I'm guessing it would be possible. Here are some videos I found that show what the real ones looked like:

This video series shows the restoration of one, so you can see how it works (this is part one of six):

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